Luech da Pertëut

The farm

Nature, lightheartedness and well-being on the farm ...

Why did I start this dream?

I was born and raised on my family farm. The relationship with nature, animals and the environment is very important to me. What motivates me to start the farm, is to be able to further develop our farm, to offer my family a future, so that my daughters can continue to manage our family farm.

I am also happy to bring my future guests closer to animals, nature, peasant tradition.


Visit to the stable: Once a week Farmer Richard will happily accompany you to visit the farm. You will witness his daily work with the animals and enjoy the experience of the life of a real farm.


Experience nature ...

Holidays are here, time to take a break from everyday life.
If you have thought of a place in the mountains of South Tyrol, our farm is the ideal choice. Our beloved Luech da Perteut is immersed in the nature of the beautiful Santa Cristina, in an extremely peaceful and sunny position. Surrounded by beautiful mountains overlooking the Sassolungo and the famous Sasslong ski slope. We have combined tradition with modernity, comfort and accuracy.
Welcome to our farm, where a breathtaking view and a family welcome will offer you unforgettable moments.